Cobham designs and manufactures a full range of passive and PIN Diode Modules for space, defence, communications and industrial applications

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Cobham RF and Microwave Modules product family offers solutions in various configurations from SMD to drop-in, connectors and Wave Guide package types dedicated for defence and space market.


For the defence market, Cobham's RF and Microwave Modules offers passive and active high power limiters from UHF/ VHF, L, S and C frequencies band in QFN packages, 300W pulse power handling capabilities mainly dedicated to phase array antennas. 


For airborne applications, its Coaxial Limiters covers L to X band with power handling up to 150W in L band, and 50W in X band.


For ground based radars, Cobham designs and manufactures Waveguide Limiters up to X band frequencies and various power capability such as 500 to 1kW power-in, low leakage and short recovery time.


With each requirememt being different, Cobham adapts technology and design solutions to specific customer requests. Cobham has over 40 years experience in the design and manufacture of RF and Microwave Modules for space, defence, communications and industrial applications. All RF and Microwave Modules are designed to be small in size and weight, and have exceptional EMC performances.

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