Innovating critical technology for, microwave systems and space platforms.

Our microwave systems for air, space, land and marine platforms are at the leading edge of technological development.

In the fields of commercial aerospace, defence, space and medical solutions, the innovative, high performance solutions we provide enable our customers’ assets to perform to their maximum potential.

Cobham Microwave is a recognized market leader for microwave components, providing solutions to the most challenging environments, from deep space to the depths of the oceans.

The company employs around 200 people in France, on three locations: two situated in Paris Region and one in Gradignan. 

Our R&D teams design leading edge technological solutions, innovative components and systems. With more than 48 years of heritage and experience, Cobham Microwave has achieved with success the best trade-off between performances, quality and cost efficiency.

Cobham Microwave’s value streams:

  • Microwave Components and Sub-systems.


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